Capitan Launches Round Table Discussions To Foster Collaboration Between Climbing Gyms

Capitan, the CRM for climbing gyms, has begun hosting round table discussions to foster collaboration between organizations around the world using Capitan.  The first round table focused on how to utilize Capitan’s Check-in Challenges. 

A Check-in Challenge on Capitan is a way to incentivize customers to build up the habit of coming into the gym more frequently. Check-in count is the best predictor of whether a new customer will become a member and if a current member will retain their membership, so gyms using Capitan can reward customers for checking in in targeted ways. “Looking at the data, we know on average it takes customers four visits to purchase a membership, yet most customers only check in twice. Plus, once members stop checking in weekly, they are at higher risk of churning. Check-in challenges are designed to help gyms increase conversion and decrease churn” said Capitan Cofounder & CEO Mary Cornfield.

Here are just a few ways Capitan customers are already using Check-in Challenges:

  • New customer challenges to increase conversion: Automatically add new customers to a challenge to build the habit of coming into the gym from the beginning. Sessions Climbing + Fitness in El Paso, Texas rewarded new customers that checked in 5 times within their first month with a Sessions branded keychain.
  • Reward customers at meaningful milestones to keep them engaged: Organizations can reward their most loyal customers with swag to keep positively promoting their business.  Plus, branded prizes like t-shirts, hats and water bottles serve as additional marketing for organizations. Adrenaline Vault in Perth, Australia has different milestone levels to keep customers engaged and coming back, from 100 visits to be a “Gym Junkie”, to 250 to be a “Plastic Punisher”, to 500 to be a “Plywood Pioneer” and more.
  • Race to the top: Have members in your organization compete to check in the most in a set time period. One climbing gym in England ran a contest to see which member would hit 1000 check-ins first to boost competition amongst their customers. The winner received a free annual prepaid membership.

With Capitan, organizations can decide which customers are automatically added to a challenge, how many check-ins are required, how long customers have to complete the challenge, and track who has received their prize for completion, all while automatically tying challenges into their other marketing efforts with Capitan’s marketing integrations.  Climbers can see their progress when logged into the web-based Climber App, unless an organization wants to hide the progress bar from customers to make it a fun surprise.

While a portion of the round table was used for Capitan to share data about member conversions and retention, most of the time was devoted to letting gyms collaborate with each other.  “Organizations are constantly asking us how other gyms are using Capitan, so we thought what better way to support our customers than to bring organizations together to collaborate with each other, share their learnings and explore how to continue growing their own businesses” said Cornfield.

Each organization received a worksheet to use as a blueprint to continue the conversation with their own teams, a breakdown of reports on Capitan to track their progress, and the opportunity to share additional feedback with the Capitan team on ways to continue evolving challenges to better suit their needs.  

Maddie Gilmer, COO at the New Orleans Boulder Lounge and attendee of the first round table said of the first discussion “I was excited for the opportunity to connect further with other gyms, and take part in the creative energy and client connection Capitan brings. Our gym, NOBL, left with ideas on how to utilize check-in challenges to benefit our clients and our business, and we cannot wait for the next round table”.

“Capitan is a powerful platform with an abundance of tools. We are constantly amazed at the innovative and creative ways organizations use the platform, so we are so excited to create a space for gyms all over the world, whether they are building their first gym as we speak or been around for years, in Colorado or Cardiff, a single location or multi-location organization, to learn from each other” said Cornfield. 

Future round table discussions will be based around other topics Capitan’s customers are most interested in exploring and open to all staff members of organizations using Capitan.

About Capitan:

Capitan is a climbing-specific CRM that streamlines waivers, entry passes, memberships, events and more. Their open and supported API allows organizations to connect with all other tools they use to run their business. Capitan is used in climbing gyms across multiple countries, from boutique bouldering facilities to large, multi-location organizations.

Round tables are limited to existing Capitan customers. Interested in learning more about check-in challenges or seeing if Capitan could be a good fit for your organization? Book a time here for an intro call or email Capitan at


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